2022 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computer Application(ICMLCA 2022)

Call For Papers

Machine Learning

Human-robots interface and interaction

Machine Learning Applications

Machine learning for 5G system

Machine learning for multimedia

Machine learning for Internet of Things   

Machine learning for network slicing optimization

Machine learning for user behavior prediction

Machine Learning in knowledge-intensive systems

Machine Learning Methods and analysis

Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data

Machine Learning Trends

Mechanism design and applications Robotic Automation and Control

Mobile sensor networks

Modeling and identification

Multi-agent Systems

Multi-Robot systems 

Natural Language Processing

Computer Applications

AI Architecture and Practice

AI Model and Algorithm


Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Artificial Intelligence in Modelling and Simulation

Artificial Intelligence in Scheduling and Optimization

Cloud Computing Architecture

Computer vision and object recognition 

Concurrent and Parallel   Processing

Coordination in robotics

Data visualization and Modern Technologies

Deep and Reinforcement learning

Distributed and decentralized machine learning algorithms

Distributed Intelligent Processing

Intelligence Language & Speech

Intelligent wireless communications

Intelligent wireless sensor networks

Internet of Things

Many-Core Computing and Accelerators

Software computer Applications

Software Frameworks (MapReduce, Spark, etc) and Simulations

Tools and Framework


Activity/behavior recognition

Adaptive and flexible industrial robotics

Agriculture robots 

AI Planning for robotics

Cognitive robotics

Evolutionary Design

Evolutionary robotics and reactive intelligence

Evolutionary Scheduling and Optimization

Experimental evaluations of machine learning

Field Robots

Human-computer interaction

Humanoid robotics

Hybrid Learning Models and Methods

Medical robots and bio-robotics

Micro robots and micro-manipulation

Mobile robotics

Mobile robots localization and navigation 

Modelling and simulating complex robots 

Robot behavior engineering 

Robot control

Robot learning and adaptation 

Robot sensing and data fusion

Robotic drives

Robotic Kinematics

Robotic surveillance 

Other related topics